Vermont Wilderness School Lynx Tracking Expedition: Spend 3 days tracking lynx in Northern Maine. 

White Pine Programs Tracking Apprenticeship: Monthly intensive weekend field tracking sessions from October-June, with optional assignments and mentorship between meetings. Highly recommended!


Northeast Trackers Conference: Annual gathering with workshops, keynote presentations, and optional field programs hosted by Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife. Mark your calendars for October 20-21, 2018.


Track and Sign Certifications: These are 2-day practical field evaluations that offer a rich learning experience to trackers of any experience level and reward skilled trackers with an internationally-recognized certification. They are much like a weekend workshop where you are asked to make an individual assessment of track and sign before discussing as a group. 


Mindful Tracker: Course offerings and blog from Senior Tracker and Tracking Evaluator George Leoniak.

Tracker’s Trail: Trailing instruction and exercises by Senior Tracker and Tracking Evaluator Nate Harvey.

Keeping Track: Presentations by highly-regarded local tracker and wildlife photographer Sue Morse. 


Animals Don’t Cover Their Tracks: Animal Track Identification Help Group

New England Tracking Exchange

Seeing the Animal – A wildlife trailing help group

Burlington VT Tracking Club

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